Private Dining Rooms

Enjoy a Private Dining Experience at Shula’s 347 Roanoke

From social events to business functions, Shula’s private dining offers a winning atmosphere for parties up to 22 people. A wide variety of quality menu and bar selections, combined with professional service and dedication, make Shula’s truly up to par with what is expected from Don Shula, the NFL’s most victorious coach.

Shula’s private dining rooms, “The Winning Edge” and “The Coaches Corner,” feature high-end audio-visual equipment for all types of presentations and entertainment. Both can be tailored to accommodate everything from private, social occasions and special events to business groups, board meetings and holiday parties.

Please contact the Business Development Manager to inquire about available dates and custom menus.  We look forward to working with everyone to make their private dining experience as special and unique as possible. Contact us by email or by phone: 540.563.5220.